• Government & Environment: Round table discussions with officials, forums, Day at the Legislature, lunch & learns, and tours. The committee is to monitor, review and discuss issues to determine best solutions for membership and the community.

  • Workforce: Working with our educational system and engaging in activities that promote the development of career technical education (CTE) with Industry Based Certifications (IBC). Building blocks for a stronger workforce.

  • Infrastructure: Transportation, drainage, roads, bridges and waterways are key to economic growth in our region. The committee meets as needed while monitoring studies, development, and progress of projects in our immediate area.

  • Membership: Promoting WBIA membership and assisting with Special Events.

  • Special Events: Planning events throughout the year. Crawfish Boil, Golf Tournament, Business to Business.

  • Legacy: Recognizing the roles and activity of leaders to be acknowledged and celebrated.

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Available to members:

  • Monthly Member Luncheon.  *Networking begins 30 minutes prior to the lunch and program.  A general “Welcome “ table is available for you to share business cards, flyers, or brochures.  

  • Ads in The WBIA Communique’ are available.  Our newsletter goes out semiannually to full membership and affiliated organizations.  The newsletter is also available on our webpage.  Limited hard copies are mailed.

  • Vendor tables at Monthly Luncheon are available to members.  Contact the office for details.

  • Sponsors for WBIA Special Events are available for the Golf Tournament, the Crawfish Boil, and the Celebration Event.

  • All committees are open for you to explore as a WBIA Member.


* WBIA typically meets on the first Thursday of each month.  These Member Luncheons are an opportunity for members to network.  This is time to connect and cultivate the business relationships needed to create a solid foundation for success and hear from Keynote Speakers as they address current issues to inform and educate members.